Hi, I’m Mary-Anne. I write about ways to connect to the wild, to be who you need to be, to be a wholesome you. By wild, I don’t mean the brash kind of wildness but rather the wild that’s nature — the nature within you and the nature around you. It’s about living in balance (harmony), in tune with and appreciating life’s cycles and diversity for a robust mind, body, and soul. In a nutshell, I focus on nature’s ways of being and living. Read more here! 

Know A woman who loves things natural, wholesome, pure, and raw?

Self Wilding

I believe our wholeness depends on connecting to the nature within us as well as the nature around us. Not only is the physical connection important, but also the spiritual one is critical in what I call, Self Wilding.

See: how practicing alpha state of mind and getting comfortable with daily meditation can have profound rewards, and about using the ego for fulfillment.

Living Wildly — In Home, Office, and Life

I believe we should make that change! Articles here go hand in hand with wilding the home, the office, and your life in general.

Homemade hair treatments, nature inspired gift ideas,calming the chaos, ways to naturally feeling better, are just a few examples of what I cover.

Eating For Wellness and Wildness

For me, caring for my body and mind means eating right. And, eating right means eating for wildness – a diet good for the planet as well as FOR ME.

I cover things like stress-free cooking, which is about planned eating and ways to maintain a healthy gut, which means a healthy you.


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