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If you’re someone (or know of someone) who seeks natural pure vitality, you are in the right place. We cover wholesome things that nourish your mind, body and soul — The focus on connecting to the nature within and around to regain balance and a wholistic perspective.


Welcome to my site. I’m Mary-Anne, the founder and editor of WTW. Here, you’ll find a bunch of articles about natural things and ways to find balance in today’s demanding world. I believe that having a robust mind, soul, and body in balance with nature, both within and around you, is real freedom. The journey to reach this freedom is what I’ve coined, Self Wilding. Whether you’re into eliminating toxins from your surroundings, personal care, or into hiking, running barefoot, or other approach to getting a nature shot, I hope that you’ll find something that will interest you here. -> Learn more about me and WTW


‘Self Wilding’ is a term I use to define a freeing of your deepest self to be who you need to be, to be true to you. It’s not about remoteness in the wilderness nor any brash idea of wildness. It’s about feeling whole and balanced and connected to nature, to counteract effects of modern demands.

My Self Wilding series of articles will take you through all you need to know about it, to remedy the effects of stress in modern life using natural approaches to achieve balance and harmony.

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achieving balance

Achieving Balance Through Intuition and Self-Awareness

Our topsy turvy world can be challenging. Achieving balance for me, and probably for you, means dealing with a swag of incoming noise from all
Alpha Brain Waves science

The Science Behind Alpha State: The Key to Mindfulness

Understanding the science behind the alpha state helps us to know more about how our brains function and how we can improve our mental and
core values aligned

Stay True to Your Core Values: A Guide to Living Real

Our core values are what tell us whether our life is unfolding in the direction that we want it to. When what we do and

101 Ways to Save Money and Live More Sustainably

People choose a simple lifestyle for different reasons. You might want to save money, reduce debt, live more sustainably, or all of the above. Here
how to spend less

Spend Less And Plan Ahead: Preparing to Leave Your High-Paying Job

If you’re thinking of giving up a good paying job or just wanting to live on less to rid the stress and opt for a
frugal home office

Living On Less: Tips for cutting costs in your home office

Running a home office can be costly, with expenses such as utility bills and office supplies quickly adding up. However, there are simple ways to
Cutting the grocery bill (348 x 196 px)

10 Ways to Cut the Grocery Bill

Living with less is freeing in a lot of ways. But how do you deal with what to eat tonight and the rising food prices?
what does smudging do (348 x 196 px)

What Does Smudging Do For You?

Have you wonder about smudging, or why do it? You might think it’s all hokey pokey stuff. But there are many uses and benefits of
Sage benefits and uses, How to use sage, benefits of sage for cooking, smudging, anxiety and depression

How to Use Sage For Beauty And Balance

Wanting to know more about sage, how to use it and its benefits? This is another favourite herb of mine and below I cover its
lemon balm, which has benefits for anxiety and more

How to Use Lemon Balm For Calming

My favourite herb ever is Melissa officinalis (lemon balm). It has these compounds that are beneficial to us and here I cover what I’ve discovered in
hug a tree quotes

Why Trees Are Good For You

Have you not felt the relief from a shady tree during searing hot temperatures? There is no question, really. Shady trees are a treasure and
why love trees

Hug a Tree Quotes for Sharing and Purposeful Work

Looking for tree quotes to share with your friends on social media, to jot in journals, or sprinkle through your writings? I’ve collected ‘hug a
Budget gifts for giving

Natural Gift ideas on a Shoestring Budget

What to give when you have no money? I’ve put a list together of some free gift ideas for those who appreciate nature and the
Homemade natural hair moisturizer

6 Homemade Natural Treatments | DIY Hair Moisturizer Recipes

Short on funds, in a hurry, or can’t get to the salon in time? If only you know how to make a hair moisturizer? Look
Feature image transition barefoot runners (348 x 196 px)

How to Transition to Barefoot, Shoes First

If you are not used to bare feet, maybe you need to transition into barefoot shoes first. It requires a gradual adaptation. Your feet need
best barefoot running shoes

Barefoot Running Shoes Pros And Cons

Wanting to get the best running shoes for your joints? But not sure of what will give you the right support? Barefoot running shoes offer
best meditation pillow, best meditation cushion

How To Get The Best Meditation Cushion For Vipassana

You want to create a meditation space that supports your posture for a good length of time to allow you to concentrate and gain awareness
nature gifts for her, gifts for earthy women

40+ Ideas of a Gift for Nature Lovers

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the person who loves things natural, wholesome, pure, or raw — whether it’s for their birthday, Valentines, or
tossing phone, what else for social media detox

Be Free. Kick The Social Media Habit

Are you getting frustrated or fatigued with or because of social media? Wanting to reduce it or kick the habit altogether? You’re not alone. Here
recycling 1

Stop Being Anxious About Throwing Things Out

I’ve learnt – it’s freeing to get rid of stuff…the more stuff you own the more stuff owns you. The more you can move these
journey for peace 1

16 Self-Wilding Journeys: Best Trips To Find Yourself

Wanting to loosen those shackles? Free yourself from day to day worries? From trekking in Nepal to frozen river trails, trekkers find solace and space

Homemade Kale Night Cream Recipe

Kale is a superfood, right? Did you know you use it on your face? You can take advantage of the known kale benefits for skin
Fitness bag with female legs

Keep Your Fitness Up | Workout Without Gym Fees

Wanting to know how to keep your fitness up when you can’t make it to those group workout sessions or the gym? Here are ways
how to grow your own food at home

Easiest Way To Grow Your Own Food

Looking to grow your own food? Becoming self-sufficient is hugely popular right now, with food supply a concern due to the pandemic. But you may
hiking for beginners

Hiking For Beginners + 8 Easy Trails (OK FOR KIDS)

Are you new to hiking or a little out of practice? If so the best hiking trails for you are ones with gentle slopes at
oil pulling with sesame oil

Benefits of Oil Pulling vs Brushing With Charcoal

Conventional toothpaste contains triclosan, SLS, and other additives. Alternatives include oil pulling, charcoal toothpaste, and charcoal powder for cleaning teeth. Here I cover the benefits
backpacking cookware

What to Take for Cooking on the Hiking Trail

Backpacking is a great way to get out in nature and see the world, but one thing that people need to remember when planning a
self wilding

Defining Self Wilding | Introduction to A Series of Articles

This article defines Self Wilding. Also in this series, you’ll find the 7 Keys to Self Wilding and How to Use Your Ego to Find

True Self vs Ego: Finding Wholeness And Harmony

A life of personal freedom is bliss. But, happiness comes and goes…usually. Bliss is elusive. You get it and then it’s gone. You have a
benefits of going barefoot in public

Going Barefoot In Public? Pros & Cons of Walking Barefoot Everywhere

I know some people feel they need to continually wear shoes, but how freeing is it, when you kick back at the end of the
good bacteria foods, how to get a healthy gut

Home Remedies: Herbs That Are Good For You Gut

If you suffer from bloating, abdominal pain, or reflux and flatulence, what can help? Let’s look at what can help from things you can grow
burnout, feeling overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Steps To Feel At Peace

Feeling overwhelmed by life? Hmm, you are not alone. It is something I’ve struggled with and what we ALL struggle with at some point in time…and for various
nature benefits human health references

The Science Behind Connecting With Nature

Science tells us that nature is important to our wellbeing. We are born to connect with nature inside and out. It is how we are
best natural moisturizer

Using Water To Moisturize Your Face

Are you looking for a natural face moisturizer? Here I cover how using water as a moisturizer is not only a viable chemical-free face moisturizer
Alpha state of mind

What Does Alpha State Feel Like And How Do You Get There

Achieving an alpha state of mind has profound benefits for helping you fulfil your goals and live without stress. So what’s there to know? This
freeing the self, your inner child

7 Keys to Self Wilding: Freeing Your Inner Self

Do you feel like you just want to escape? You might be wrestling with expectations at work, at home, among friends, or within a relationship.
how to be calm

Peace In The Chaos | How to Calm the Senses

Sometimes things feel darn right chaotic. Most of the cause might be outside your control. There are simple tricks to keeping sane. Here are some
bug repellents for camping

DIY Mosquito & Bug Repellents

Like the outdoors, but not the bugs? If you are looking for DIY options over commercial insect sprays or repellents, the good news is that
mature woman relaxing

Practical Tips on Meditation For People Who Can’t Sit Still

How do you start with meditation when you can’t sit still for two minutes? Or find it hard to ’empty’ your mind? Here I cover
best DIY home cleaning products, non toxic cleaners

8 Non Toxic Cleaners | Best DIY Home Cleaning Products

Looking for DIY options for cleaners? I’m sharing my list of best DIY home cleaning products for eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning. The recipes here are
natural mood enhancers

Naturally Feel Better | Best Natural Mood Enhancers

Life’s chaotic at times and you may feel rundown and in need of a recharge.  Here I cover how to re-energize yourself the wild way

15+ Funny Meditation Quotes & Sayings

Meditation yields some serious benefits with many inspirational quotes on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness – just review BrainyQuotes of Thich Nhat Hanh. But,
meditation style

Benefits of Meditation in Different Forms

There are many methods of meditation. Finding the right meditation style for you will be the glue to you forming a regular meditation practice. I’ve
how to make beeswax wraps at home

How to Make Beeswax Wraps At Home | Easy DIY | Full Guide

Thinking of creating your own homemade beeswax wraps? Not sure how hard it is? You can easily make these at home by using a sandwich
diet plan, best for the environment

What’s the Best Diet for Everyone?

Looking for a diet to lose weight fast? Like in the new year after the festive season (Yep, I’m guilty of overindulging). Well, this article

How Can I Meditate Without Thinking About Everything

If you are like most people, you might find meditating difficult and so miss out on its payoffs. But, there are meditation techniques that practised