Hi, I’m Mary-Anne. I write about wellness through wildness. This is not the brash kind of wildness but rather the wildness that’s nature, within and around you. It’s about natural ways of being who you need to be to be whole and healthy in mind, body, and soul. Read more here! 

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How can you make a difference to save your health, your money, and your Earth? All of which goes hand in hand in the articles here from homemade hair treatments to gift ideas to how to calm the chaos to naturally feeling better.

Eat Right

How you can not only help your wellness but also help the planet? Here we cover your diet and having healthy meals in 4 steps so you eat with purpose!

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Soul Care

Our wholeness depends on connecting to the nature within and that around us. Not only is the physical connection to the outside world important but find out how opening to a higher intelligence via an alpha state of mind, and the practice of meditation has rewards.

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