Hi I’m Tree

Welcome to my site!

I write about nature and the simple things that bring balance and wholeness into our lives and those that rid the toxins from our daily regime.

What is this site about?

This site is about supporting you to be :

  • Independent, strong, and confident
  • Free from clutter and excess
  • All of the above for a robust mind, soul, and body working in balance

“To embrace the wildness in me, my self needs to reclaim my natural wholeness”

Finding (great things) real purpose, rejuvenation, and a better world is a natural desire. Part of this is our need for balance in a hectic world. Consider the nature within and the nature around us as the core that supports this.

I’ve coined this, Self Wilding.

Self Wilding

Self Wilding is about nurturing and creating conscious habits and a mindset that you need for your wellness.

It is not about living barefoot and free in the woods (though, that can be it). Nor is it about the brash reckless kind of wildness.

Rather, it’s about discovering ‘self’ and ‘the wild’ within and around you. This is the nature within and nature without.

Nature Within

This is your true Self, free of others’ perceptions, personas, and the ego.

It requires introspection and self-awareness and learning to trust your inner self.

It is about tuning into your purpose, values, visions, motivations, goals, and beliefs.

It’s about developing and feeling your connection with the energy of your multi-universe.

   “Our DNA not only connects us to every plant and animal alive today, but to every single thing that has ever lived” ~ Brian Cox, Physicist.

true self vs ego
The self within layers of ego, persona, and others’ perceptions – adapted from the art of being yourself by Caroline McHugh

Nature Without

This is the natural world.

Alienating the self from the natural world has wellness costs.

Consider the oxygen we breathe, the ambient temperatures we function well in, the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, and much more.

I wonder, could we happily depend on artificial means for these human requirements? Perhaps. But, can you imagine that world? For me, it’s a depraved one. A sterile one. One I don’t wish to ever need to depend on.

When we connect with nature we feel better. Science tells us this!

According to science, natural aromas (phytoncides) help in reducing blood pressure and boost immune functioning.

As well, the negative air ions in nature found around moving water, mountainous areas, and forests, help in serotonin production.

And, that strengthens our resilience to everyday stress.

The nature around us provides a natural boost to our mood.

Self Wilding is About Finding Balance in a Topsy-Turvy World

Even in fairy tales, balance reigns supreme.

Remember Goldilocks, who found mommy and daddy bear’s porridges were either too hot or too cold, but the baby bear’s porridge was just right.

You get my point.

How does this relate to real life?

Too much of a busy lifestyle leads to stress and anxiety.

Over-exercising zaps our energy as does too little.

Balance is the key to wellness.

What I love about this site:

  • Combines nurturing and nature
  • Has inspirational leads
  • The scientific findings
  • The tools, simple tips, and tricks to living

Regarding the topics: Apart from Self Wilding, you’ve heard You are what you eat, consider…you are what you see, feel, touch, and hear as well — I cover that – and I cover the use of visualization and serving your inner self. I include what’s said in scientific literature and links to useful sites, books, and videos.

Yes, this is about naturalness and wholeness.

Wellnessthroughwildness.com is for people who are seeking balance through a wholesome natural lifestyle and a healthy presence of mind.

About Me

My nickname is Tree. It’s one I got at school.

That’s me hugging a giant New Zealand kauri tree (Agathis australis).

I admit I’m a nature lover. I especially have an affinity with trees. Interestingly, my schoolyard nickname was Tree (smile), something to do with being tall and skinny I guess. Yep, I love trees. I loved climbing them as a kid and sitting under them as well.

Personally, I’ve had my fair share of life struggles and have suffered, what I call, a ‘brown out’ (like burnout but still functioning, albeit at a cost). I’m in a position of valuing nature but also understand human nature and value goodness and self-care. I believe the two are interconnected.