Best Backpacking Cookware For Hiking The Trail

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Backpacking is a great way to get out in nature and see the world, but one thing that people need to remember when planning a trip is that the right cookware can make or break the experience. Not all backpacking cooking gear is the same quality or is held to the same high standards. Here I cover a selection to consider.

Backpacking cookware needs to be light and compact

Not All Backpacking Cookware Is the Same

Knowing this, anyone who wants to spend time in the woods and who will be cooking over an open fire will need to make sure that they shop for the best hiking cooking gear. This will ensure that they have plenty to eat and that they don’t weigh down their pack with cooking gear that is too heavy to carry. 

Toaks Titanium Set

This is a great backpacking cooking pot because it offers a fair amount of volume without a lot of added weight, making it a great option for people who need to cook slightly larger amounts of food on the trail. It’s a 2-piece set and features heat-resistant handles that fold into the sides. 

At just 5.6 ounces, it’s a nice option for anyone looking to buy ultralight backpacking cookware that is designed to last. When unfolded the handles stay perfectly in place, and the lip around the pan prevents steam from condensing and dripping onto solid fuel tablets. 

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Vargo Titanium Bot

While not all backpackers are happy with a super minimalist solution to their cookware question, backpackers who are in the market for a durable backpacking cooking pot that does more than meets the eye will want to consider this option. It is a pot, bottle, and mug combined into one sleek design, making it great for solo use. 

Since the lid screws shut and doesn’t rely on friction to stay closed, this pot can be used to transport water when hiking without worrying about water leaking all over the pack. Additionally, the screw lid is flipped when cooking, preventing the thread from stopping a snug and secure fit. 

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EVERNEW Titanium deep Pot

As far as ultralight backpacking cookware goes, it can be difficult to find a larger pot that weighs less and is less functional than this option. At just 3.4 ounces, it’s incredibly light, making it ideal for storing in an already-heavy pack, and it can handle an impressive 600 ml of water. 

In addition to being light, large, and durable, this pot has graduated measurements to improve cooking when on the trail, as well as a strainer for straining pasta and allowing steam to escape. With rubberized coated handles, the chances of getting burned when using it are very low. 

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Valtcan Titanium Pot

Ultralight hikers will love the minimalist design of this pot and the fact that it only weighs 4.3 ounces but is still durable enough to be used night after night without wearing our or breaking. It’s perfect for a single mug or to be used as a cooking pot for just one person. 

With a hanging handle built onto the pot, it can easily be hung over the fire so that food can warm up slowly without overheating. Additionally, it is designed to be non-allergenic and non-toxic, making it a great option for anyone to use when out in the woods. 

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Aoduoer Mess Kit Cookware

Backpackers who are looking for a set and not just a single backpacking cooking pot will want to consider this durable and lightweight set. The pots are made from aluminum and come with measurements on the sides, making cooking a great meal easier than ever. 

Even though there are two pots included in this set as well as a two bowls and utensils, it’s incredibly compact and can easily be stored in a backpack without taking up too much room. The handles sit snugly around the pots and bowls when not in use to make hiking easier. 

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GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Cookset

This set is designed for two people to be able to easily and quickly cook everything that they need when out in the woods. The cooking pot is ultralight and is made from an impressive halulite material that does a wonderful job of conducting heat quickly, cutting down on cooking time and the amount of fuel used. 

The pot and lid combo nestle easily into the stuff sack, and the bowl and mug solution means that users won’t have as much to pack. With a compact and durable design as well as great heat efficiency, it’s easy to see why this is such a great option. 

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Lodge L12DCO3 Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Generally speaking, when shopping for backpacking cooking gear, most people are going to stay away from cast iron so that they can choose something that is significantly lighter. There are, however, some great options for anyone looking for cast iron camping cookware, and this is one of them. 

This is not a piece of cookware to be carried in a pack up mountains, but it is great for leaving at a drive-up campsite. At around 20 pounds, it’s incredibly heavy, but there’s nothing like the great seasoning of cast iron, and this portable pot can do it all, no matter what meal is on the fire. 

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Texsport Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Another great option for people looking for cast iron camping cookware is this great dutch oven. The legs help hold the oven up and off of the fire, allowing for even cooking and heating without the fear of burning the food.

Dual handles make it easy to lift, and the easy lift wire handle reduces the chance of users getting burned when handling this pot. The lid fits securely, and the pot seasons easily, allowing for great flavor anytime that the pot is used. 

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Final Thoughts

Any of these great options will make spending time outside and on the trail more enjoyable. I wrote about the benefits of getting outdoors in my backpacking post.

Knowing what to look for before shipping will ensure that people don’t waste their money and that they get cookware that is light and easy to carry.

Every few ounces can make a difference when backpacking for longer periods of time, and all cookware needs to be durable, reliable, and easy to use. By carefully choosing the best backpacking cooking gear, adventurers can stay safe, happy, and full when on the trail.

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