Self-Wilding: Best Trips To Find Yourself

Wanting to loosen those shackles? Free yourself from day to day worries? From trekking in Nepal to desert trails, trekkers find solace and space for reflection. Trips like these can change your life. Here I summarise what you might cherish as one of the best trips to find yourself…

Nepal Gurung village, one of the best trips to find yourself

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Best trips to find yourself

What does it mean to find yourself? I’ve heard it described as “reaching the soul”. For me, it’s self-wilding.

Whatever you call it, what better way to find yourself than on a journey in an area that challenges you physically and or mentally.

Trekking in Nepal

Earlier this year a friend of mine (who is over 60) went on an inward and outward adventure trekking in Nepal. She opted to do this after friends had described their own journey on a similar trek in Nepal as a trip for “reaching the soul”.

For my friend, this was to follow her Buddhist retreat in meditation at Nepal. She would continue on as a solo female traveller in Nepal, but with the help of a trekking guide and a porter to carry luggage. The two friendly and much-appreciated companions were part of the tour package, organised by Adventure Geo Treks.

My friend’s 6-day Siklis trek in Nepal took her to places that challenged her physically and mentally. She trekked to Gurung villages and along trails used by Gurung villagers to the Himalayan foothills, staying overnight in village accommodation.

A Gurung village. Himalayas, Nepal

She found a completely different lifestyle and people living closer to the land and physically stronger than herself.

This trip was rated as an easy grade. Nevertheless, she found herself wishing she had better prepped yourself physically. Her advice to others is to prepare for the endurance you’ll need for the day after day trekking – see my article about hiking for beginners.

Final thoughts

I hope you find this inspires you to get out there and keep moving.

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