Natural Gift ideas on a Shoestring Budget

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What to give when you have no money? I’ve put a list together of some free gift ideas for those who appreciate nature and the act of receiving and giving from the heart.

Budget gifts for giving

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gift ideas @ Zero cost

These budget-friendly ideas make unique gifts and you’ll find them helpful if you are skint right now.

Ideas here involve either direct experience with nature or inspire a wild connection.

1. Flowers from your garden

Flowers are beautiful gifts to give. And picked from your garden, they are the freshest.

2. Outdoor adventure coupon book

Create coupons for nature activities that you commit to taking them on.

Here are some ideas:

  • a day hike,
  • fishing trip,
  • a stargazing date,
  • wildlife watching,
  • whale watching,
  • camping, or
  • forest bathing.

Put the DIY coupons in an envelope. Decorate it if you wish. Add a date for redemption as well so that they know you are serious.

3. Nature themed gift basket for the gardener

Collect some native plant seeds and put them together with a few gardening items in a basket. What about a herbal beauty, like lemon balm.

You could decorate a pre-loved basket, upcycle an empty cooking oil tin, or similar. Items to include could be gardening gloves, tools, or kneepads, a local guide to native plants and animals they attract, depending on your budget.

To save money you could assemble your own guide by searching online for local information.

4. Leaf garland

Collect some dried tree leaves, decorate them with paint and string them along a piece of cord to form a pretty garland.

5. Gift Ideas for tree lovers – Adopt a local tree

Identify a biologically or culturally interesting tree in a nearby area. Adopt the tree to mark her celebration. Give it a special name that has meaning for both of you, if you like.

Go on outings to sit and enjoy the tree together. Observe seasonal changes, the wildlife it attracts. Take photos to give a timeline of the tree growth as your friendship grows. As a kit, you could include a digital or a physical adoption book to record observations and photos.

These notes could help projects like nature’s notebook, which would also be a meaningful gift to science and in understanding climate change effects.

There’s also the ‘adopt a tree program’ for as little as $10 a tree that I mention below.

6. Herbs grown in your garden

If you grow herbs in your garden, you could dry them and then package them to gift to your family and friends.

If you have sage growing in your garden, you could make a smudge stick. If you don’t have sage, you could use rosemary or be creative with native Australian plants that also give off pleasing aromas. This is a great earthy gift idea for some one who loves using incense to relax for meditation or is wanting positive energy.

7. Recipe book

You could collate your tried and tested recipes or ones from your family into a unique recipe book that contain inexpensive, wholesome meals. This would make a great gift for someone just setting up home. You could incorporate it with meal planners and shopping lists that would help them save them heaps on their grocery bill.

Bottom line

Whether you’re looking for ways to save as you’re on a shoestring budget or just trying to make your gift-giving more sustainable, these free gift ideas will help you get creative. You’ll could find the best low or no-cost gifts and presents for holidays, birthdays, Christmas, and more, that are in-tune with nature.

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