10 Best Gifts For Tree Lovers

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If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a tree lover, here is a list of ideas I’ve put together to get you started with possibilities!

Presents For Gift Lovers, tree lovers gifts. A bicycle wheel ornament in a tree fork

Ideas on Tree Lover Gifts

Presents for tree lovers: A great idea is a tree-planting kit, which includes everything they need to start a new tree. Another option is a book about trees. For those who want to show off their love of trees, a tree-themed piece of jewellery or clothing is a great choice. A personalized tree plaque or a gift certificate to a tree nursery are also thoughtful gifts.

Also, read my 40+ list of gift ideas for nature lovers. Read on for more gift ideas for tree lovers…

Giant Sequoia | Tree Seed Grow Kit | The Jonsteen Company


Gifts for tree huggers

Tree planting kit

Plant a smile on their face with a tree-planting kit (US readers) or a Start From Seed Kit (Australian readers), complete with everything they need to grow a new buddy. 

The Complete Language of Trees: A Definitive and Illustrated History (Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia)
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Gifts for arborists

Complete Language of Trees

Help them dive into the depths of tree knowledge with a fascinating book about their leafy pals. 

Wood Leaf Earrings from Solid Mahogany Stained Reclaimed Maple
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Tree-themed gifts

Tree-themed jewellery

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Some popular tree-themed jewelry pieces are unique pewter tags others include tree of life gift ideas, leaf earrings, and branch bracelets. These items can be found in a variety of materials, including silver, gold, and wood.

Tree Lover Gift Idea


Green gifts for tree admirers

Gift certificate to a tree nursery

Consider giving the tree enthusiast a voucher to purchase what they like at their favourite tree nursery or a gift card to a garden centre that specializes in trees. It’ll allow them to pick out a special tree or something else they prefer.

Adopt A Tree Gift


eco-friendly gifts for tree enthusiasts

Tree Adoption Certificate

Why not surprise them with a tree adoption certificate? It’s like giving them a new family member with a permanent address and a heart full of love. 

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gifts for green growers

Eco-friendly gardening tools

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Let their green thumb thrive with eco-friendly gardening gear! Look for gear made from sustainable materials and of quality that will last. 

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gifts for the tree admirers

Outdoor hammock or swing

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For those who like to hang around trees, give them the gift of an outdoor hammock or swing, perfect for admiring their tree buddies in peace.

Yihui Arts Abstract Landscape Canvas Art Hand Painted 3D Tree Paintings with Gold Foil for Wall Decor Modern Artwork Pictures Living Room Bedroom Decoration
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tree inspired gifts

Tree photography or art prints

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Stunning artistic pieces like this 3D wall art are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside and create a calming and peaceful atmosphere in the home for the nature lover. They’ll be reminded of the beauty of the outdoors and their love for nature.

Sun Flower & Butterfly Emboss with Blue Stone journal, 240 Pages Journal, Leather Sketchbook, Leather Notebook, Vintage Journal, Leather Journal for Women and men, Blue Stone Journal
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thoughtful gift for tree fans

Nature Journal

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Encourage their love for nature by providing a hand-crafted journal to document their findings on the trees they identify in the wild.

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plant-themed gifts

Organic seeds

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Why not plant the seed of joy in your tree-loving friend’s heart by giving them an organic and non-GMO seed package? These seeds are free from nasty chemicals and pesticides, ensuring a healthy and happy plant. 

Understanding the tree lover

Their love of trees – is expressed in their planting of trees, hugging them, or talking to them.

The attraction of trees:

  • Aesthetics
  • Air purification
  • Screening
  • Shade
  • Food
  • Birdlife
  • Timber
  • Carbon store
  • Oxygenation
  • Cloud formation

Understanding them gives you a peek into what gifts to get tree lovers.