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Wanting to know how to keep your fitness up when you can’t make it to those group workout sessions or the gym? Here are ways on how to stay fit and get that workout without a gym or group sessions. Read on…

how to keep your fitness up at home, fitness bag but no gym to go to
When you have a fitness bag but no gym or group sessions to go to

The 2020 pandemic has caused a massive shift in how we do things and life as we know it. You might be looking at that gym bag with a feeling of what to do now. How to stay fit?

Does working out at home really work? If you are motivated enough then a commitment to regular workout sessions aimed at achieving your goals, whether you do these at home or in a gym, will give you positive results. In 2020 and beyond, digital connectivity means workout sessions at home are not only possible but convenient.

Advantages of working out at home

There are benefits of working out at home. I’ll name five off the top of my head, but I’m sure you can probably think of more.






What you miss out on when working out at home



Specialised equipment.

Personalised advice.

Fitness products on hand.

For some it’s the social aspect and others the competition that spurs them along, that motivates them. It depends on what drives you the most.

Then of course there’s the specialised equipment and personalised advice even.

This will differ among us.

How to workout without gym equipment

There’s a ton of ways you can substitute the use of gym equipment.

How to stay fit with nature as a gym…

Nature is a gift here. Where, as in some cases, you’re permitted to go outside to exercise (albeit with restrictions) during this pandemic, you could put on your running shoes and exercise using natural slopes and outdoor features to your advantage.

Naturally, it makes sense to customise your workout to suit your goal/s, whether it’s strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle tone, muscle building or all/some of these or something else altogether.

How to stay fit using props at home

For weights, if you don’t have a set at home already, you can fill empty plastic milk or drink bottles with water to use as weights. You can use bags of flour, can goods even.

For a support bar, a good solid chair, stool, bench or rail can serve the purpose. Other props people use include stairs, walls, towels, textbooks, blankets, straps, cushions, balls or blocks, depending on the exercise.

There are several apps and online fitness classes to show you how to stay fit through working out at home.

How to keep your fitness up at home – apps and online classes

In 2020, if we’re wondering how to stay physically healthy when stuck at home, we are in luck. Our modern digital connectivity means we have ample apps and online classes available to fix this ‘how to stay fit’ quandary.

The big advantages of working out at home using apps and online classes include budget and time savings. The online deals are usually cheaper than gym or fitness club memberships and you can save a heap of time each day spent travelling to and fro the gym or club.


An app that I’m loving right now and have done for several months is Down Dog.

It normally requires a paid subscription but at the present time is free (till the end of May, unless extended). I highly recommend it. I find it’s not only good for my physical health but also it keeps me sane.

With this one, you have a choice of yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Barre or a 7-minute workout.

You’ll find apps covering all types of workouts and training options at Google Play or Apple.

How to stay motivated to workout at home

This can be the main block for people. But, it really is no different from staying motivated to go to the gym or to a group workout session.

Similarities among all fitness regimes…

Keep it regular and on time.

Have prompts or buddies.

Set reminders and notifications on your device.


Your buddy might be an online one, unless you live with one.

Dedicate a space at home especially for your workout.

Final thoughts

Keeping fit while stuck at home is an important part of how to stay physically healthy. This is no different to ensuring you have fresh produce for a healthy diet. There are advantages of working out at home and in 2020 we have the digital medium to take advantage of and to support us and our fitness needs.

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