6 Tips on How to Create A Strong Meditation Practice

How do you start with meditation when you can’t sit still for two minutes? Or find it hard to ’empty’ your mind? Find out from a practitioner of 17+ years, Giovanni Dienstmann, the author of “Practical Meditation”.

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Meditation is a practice with profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

Why and How to Meditate?

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has so many health and well-being benefits. The main reason you might want to consider meditation is simply to feel better.

How to Meditate Effectively

The greatest results come from a daily practice of sitting comfortably (or some other pose) in meditation. Here are some tips that may motivate you to start your journey to connect with the nature within and the nature without for your wellness.

From Giovanni (Author of Practical Meditation):

“Meditation is a practice with profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. The key to these benefits and the transformation it can bring is developing a daily meditation practice. Consistency is essential.

Some people find it challenging to build a daily habit. Maybe it’s a lack of time, discipline, motivation, etc. I have studied habit-building science and developed all sorts of habits throughout my life. So here are some tips that I’d like to share, as they relate to creating a strong meditation practice.

  1. Start small. It’s better to start really small, so there is absolutely no excuse for you to skip your practice. For beginners, I usually recommend start with 5min a day, and increase 1 minute per week. This may sound too gradual, but at the end of one year, you’ll be practicing 1h!
  2. Recommit. At the end of every session, commit to showing up for your practice the following day.
  3. Never zero. This means that every day you will practice, even if only 5 minutes. Make it a non-negotiable part of your life.
  4. No expectations. Nothing kills motivation quicker than unmet expectations. Most of the benefits of meditation come only after months or years of daily practice. So letting go of expectations sounds like a smart strategy to me.
  5. Be prepared. Sometimes you will feel tired, busy, or “not in the mood”. Be mentally prepared to meet those challenges with the “never zero” idea, and do the practice no matter what.
  6. Joyful attitude. Meditation is not a task, but a precious moment to go deep inside yourself. Enjoy the practice, and it will be easy to keep it up.

Get More Practical Meditation Steps

Giovanni is author of Practical Mediation: a Simple Step-by-Step Guide. It’s available on Amazon.  Read the Reviews on Practical Meditation: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide on Amazon

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More From Giovanni

Hopefully, these tips can be helpful in your journey.
If you’d like more help in building a strong meditation habit, strengthening your concentration, and finding the ideal technique for you, I invite you to have a look at my meditation course for beginners, Master Your Mind.” Learn meditation online.

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