Using Water To Moisturize Your Face

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Are you looking for a natural face moisturizer? Here I cover how using water as a moisturizer is not only a viable chemical-free face moisturizer but a cheap option when considering natural facial moisturizers.

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What is the Best Natural Moisturizer?

Water hydrates and is one of the best face moisturizers.

A recent scientific study¹ has shown that water will hydrate and soften your skin when sprayed in fine particles onto your face.

Japanese researchers found that very fine water particles applied to the faces of adult women improved their facial skin moisture and softness. The spraying of water onto the face added moisture that was retained for 6 hrs after the spray treatment.

When is Water the Best ‘Chemical Free’ Face Moisturizer?

It’s the size of the water particle that matters. It turns out that when it is smaller than the intercellular spaces (the space between the cells ) in the skin hydration can occur.

Compared to spraying, steam and mist humidifiers produce large particle sizes and the water is charged. The water, in this case, does not produce the same effect.

The research indicates that spraying non-charged water particles that are very fine onto the face helps to moisten and soften the skin when dry.

This would have particular relevance when in environments like workplaces that are airconditioned and where dry skin can be a problem.

Natural Face Moisturizer DIY

In terms of doing it yourself, water makes the best facial moisturizer in skin care because it is convenient to use and cheaper than lotions containing natural products, e.g. shea butter. Water is nature’s free gift to us. It is also fragrance-free for those concerned about their health being affected by parfum.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is a beauty aid as it helps retain moisture in your face. Make sure when you are out on those hikes especially to take plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. As well, when outdoors like this, a facial mist would be a convenient way of adding moisture directly to your face.

What Do You Think?

Does water fit on the list of the best natural facial moisturizer?

How handy is this when you travel? Or at any time? This sounds super. It’s such a simple thing and makes sense. We are made up of 60% of water, so the medical books say.

What rating would you give moisture-boosting facial water sprays?

Is this a beauty regime you would add to your daily rituals?

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