The Best Meditation For Intuition

There is no conventional schooling for developing intuition. That’s because our schools focus primarily on advancing logic thought. This has rewards, but logic only takes us so far. This is seen with the development of AI, which has reached beyond logic algorithms to intuitive processes.

Meditation has many benefits and improving one’s intuitive thinking is one that can deliver great satisfaction and previously unseen rewards.

For the best way to commit to meditation, I recommend you start with some advice from a long-term practitioner.

Why Meditation Helps With Intuition

Meditation helps to calm and pause our analytical mind.

This allows us tune into our intuition, which is something more powerful in guiding us when making difficult decisions and in ‘just knowing’ what’s right or not in relationships, work, and life in general.

What is this ‘just knowing’?

You may have experienced it. It’s when you have awareness about something without any explainable logic means of knowing such.

How Meditation Works to Strengthen This ‘Just Knowing’

Meditation allows you to enter a quiet space in your mind. Here, wisdom and insight can permeate as the filter (noise) has been switched off.

The more you practice quietening the ‘noise’, the more you will be in tune with seeking and receiving higher guidance or the #justknowing.

In this state ask what it is that you need an answer for. You will receive the answers in one form or another, perhaps not immediately.

It’s just that simple, but trust is the basis of success.

So consider meditation an essential activity among your intuition-building exercises.

Some advice: Don’t get caught up in trying to be perfect when it comes to stilling the mind in meditation. Just acknowledge any intrusion of thought and return your focus to your breath or gaze at an object to focus. A supportive cushion can help with meditating.

The Best Meditation for Developing Intuition

All types of meditation help with intuition. However, there are some considered more powerful than others. Trāṭaka meditation is one.


Trataka is Sanskrit for ‘to look’ or ‘to gaze’ and involves staring at a single point such as a candle flame in a darkened room.

meditation for deleloping intuition
Gazing in meditation for intuition

One of the best techniques for developing intuition is to gaze in meditation at a single point, like a lit candle flame. This item can also be a symbol, dot, or another small object. The object should be about a meter away and at eye level.

This process is said to activate the ‘third eye‘, which is the eye of insight.

Final Thoughts

Meditation is a way to connect with your intuitive spirit or higher self, which is all knowing because… according to both Yogic law and quantum physics we are part of a greater whole.

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