35 Unique Gifts Inspired by Nature. Gifts for Her

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for women who love things natural, wholesome, pure, and raw — whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Valentines, or another special occasion…here are 35 ‘nature gifts for her’ to help. My gift guide includes not only unique gifts ideas for environmentalists and the outdoorsy woman but also for the woman who prefers natural ingredients in her products.

Looking for organic gift baskets?

Otherwise, read on for the full list of unique gift ideas for that special female…

Unique Gifts for Nature Lovers

She may be someone who has no desire for more material items but you know she has a soft spot for animals. Adopting a threatened species may interest her as one of those unique gifts for women who are animal lovers and not uncommon gifts for wildlife enthusiasts.

#1.  Meaningful Gifts for Her, the Animal Lover

If she is a nature lover, she might like nature presents where you adopt a threatened animal like the Snow Leopard, which is currently in need of conservation and is such a beautiful creature it’s a shame to see them disappear from this planet.

The adoption kit for this one includes a plush toy snow leopard + a certificate. What animal-loving woman could resist this gift of nature?

#2.  Gifts for The Marine Animal Lover

Does she love watching whales and dolphins or is a lover of the ocean. Adopting a marine animal can make one of the best gifts for ocean lovers. For nature gifts in this area, check out the choice at this marine conservation website.

Gifts for Environmentalists

Is your friend, lover, or kin a keen environmentalist?

If so, she may be wanting to avoid disposable plastic or at least be looking to reduce her carbon footprint. Here is a selection of unique gift ideas for women who care about the environment in this way.

What are good environmentally friendly gifts? Look for eco-friendly items that support the plastic free movement, are about reducing our carbon footprint, promote animal rights, or care for wildlife. 

The following include a number of unusual gifts for her.

#3.  Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable produce bags are perfect for those who care about the harm from plastic debris in the oceans or in reducing their carbon footprint, since plastic is made from fossil fuels.

Single-use plastic bags are causing so much harm to our marine life and oceans. Using eco-friendly re-usable bags to replace plastic ones helps to reduce this threat to our environment.

Unbleached cotton color-coded reusable bags

Why these are great gifts for the environmental lover

Apart from reducing the use of plastic, the ones shown here are made of unbleached cotton rather than nylon or polyester, making them are even more eco-friendly in their manufacture and biodegradability.

What else is good about these?

The color coding, it helps with organizing and identifying items. The different colored tags allow you to simply know bag size or assigned produce or use for the bag. The set shown are one example of what’s available in reducing plastic waste and are perfect gifts for environment lovers. You can choose small, medium, large, or a set with all three sizes. Check out the range, which is available at Amazon — See details.

#4. Reusable Food Wrap To RePlace Plastic Film

A set of beeswax food covers is another of the unique gift ideas for nature lovers.

What makes it a great gift for an environmentalist?

Using reusable food wrapping helps in reducing waste and toxins in the environment.

Beeswax wraps for reusable food covering – ideal gift for the environmentalist

Reusable beeswax wraps replace the need for plastic film when wrapping or covering produce or other foodstuffs. They can be used over and over again and are so much better environmentally.

What else is good about them

They are easy to clean and will save dollars over time. It’s one of the many great gifts for environmental lovers available online.

Where to get reusable food wrap

I wrote an article on how to make beeswax wraps. If you are handy enough, you can make these yourself. Otherwise, you can get sets of various sizes, ready-made at Amazon — See details.

You will also find a sustainable gift idea selection at Life Without Plastic.

In Australia? Check Out The BIOME ECO STORE for beeswax wraps or other gift ideas that are environmentally friendly.

#5. a RooM BY ROOM Guide on Reducing Waste

Looking for more unique gifts for her, the environmentalist?

Room by room guide to reducing waste in the home

What about a book on the ‘how-tos” and tips for reducing waste? Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste, by Bea Johnson is an ideal gift.

This book gives room-by-room instructions on reducing waste and clutter – these are lived ideas, done by the author, Bea Johnson. It is full of DIY recipes for environmentally safe and healthy products, tips, and tricks. Check out the reviews at Amazon — See details.

#6. A Compost Pail For Kitchen Scraps

Does she compost her kitchen scraps? Or, grow her own produce? Here is a gift idea for the environmentalist who likes to give her garden a boost and at the same time reduce her carbon footprint.

A great gift idea for recycling biodegradable scraps

It is an eco-friendly way of turning kitchen vegetable scraps into healthy fertile garden soil. It has an option of charcoal filters to help trap and control odors. It is a chic modern style stainless steel compost pail that is a better option than a normal bin.

The premium grade stainless steel is rust resistant and won’t leach toxic chemicals. Whether she is an environmentalist or just a keen gardener, she’ll appreciate this for her compostable kitchen waste.

Check out the rave reviews of this eco-friendly gift idea at Amazon — See details.

Delivery Gifts for Her

Looking for something delivered to her door? Here are a few options for gift ideas for that special lady.

#7.  Give Her a Meal Plan Delivery of Healthy Choices

Give her the pleasure of a weekly menu of healthy meals sent to her door. She might like one or all of these meals meat-free, since a plant-based diet is best for the planet.

For the environmental health buff short on time, this is the perfect gift for her. Taking the pain out of meal planning and saving time are gifts any woman would appreciate, in addition to enjoying healthy food. Options can depend on where you live. So check out the providers in your area.

The one I am using and loving at the moment is Hello Fresh. Apart from fresh food to your door and not having to think about ‘what to cook tonight’, the benefits speak less wastage of food and reduced food packaging going to landfill.

If you are in Australia, another option is Marley Spoon, who market themselves as minimizing environmental impact by reducing food packaging and making meal times “even greener than your greens.”

#8.  Send Her Real Flowers

Say it with flowers! Now, this is not an unusual gift for her. Flowers make typical birthday gifts for women.  They also make great ‘just because’ gifts for her.

Say it with flowers — a classic gift for her

According to Feng Shui, fresh flowers attract healing energy and give off a calming, soothing effect to the viewer.

They are perfect for Valentine’s day, or on any occasion since they are the classic gift for women at any time. The gifting of flowers on Valentine’s day started back in 18th-century England and continues today. You can order online at Amazon to get blooms sent to her door — See details.

#9.  Give Her an ‘Easy to Care for’ Plant

Looking for gifts for plant lovers? She’ll probably appreciate a nature’s gift rather than anything artificial, even if she is a lazy gardener.

Plants are great for uplifting the energy in a home. Just like fresh flowers, they attract healthy growing chi. Plants filter the air and add so much vibrancy.

Succulents are easy to care for and for that reason, especially popular. They require little water.

Easy to care for plants make a great gift

Air plants (Tillandsias) like those pictured need little care. Known as nature’s true wonders, they are the lazy gardener’s ideal companion. Tillandsias require no soil and usually grow attached to objects, which can be done with tie wire or hot melt glue. They require a spray of water weekly or more or less often, depending on the area.

Source a company that supports the preservation of Tillandsias in their natural environment, one who sell air plants grown 100% in greenhouses and not taken from the wild. This is important because air plants in the wild are becoming endangered from over-collection. 

For a gift delivery to her door, you can order air plants online at Amazon — See details.

Amazon claims these are sustainably sourced, being 100% greenhouse grown.

Personalized Gifts for Her

Women do like to have something personalized, especially jewelry with special meaning. Here are a couple of ideas if you are looking for unique handmade gifts for her birthday or online gifts for her for any occasion in the way of jewelry.

#10. Engraved Gifts for Her

Engravings are treasured pieces especially when they include nature for an environmentalist.


Artisan and hand stamped Jewelry make for unique customized gifts for her, like the necklace with birthstones and special names or words shown here that is nature inspired.

#11. Give Her Earth Healing Jewelry

This Buddha Root Chakra bracelet set is meant to bring emotional peace and balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Read Reviews of Real Owners!.

It features gold-plated lava and hematite (Latin meaning: Bloodstone), which is said to help with grounding one’s thoughts. Note: Hematite contains iron which can affect your blood iron levels.

Inspirational Gifts for Her

#12.  Journals for Her Nurturing, the Nature Lover

Journaling is popular thing to do for self development and healing. It helps with developing intuitive thinking and calming the chaos. It is recommended as a daily habit for well-being.

Get her a not-so-ordinary journal,for the woman who’s had trouble starting, keeping, or finishing a journal. A book that challenges her to add their best muck-ups to fill the pages or just destroy them – now there’s an idea!

Check out the reviews and price for this journal.

Buy her a nature journal for recording observations while she is experiencing the outdoors.

Check out the reviews and price for this journal.

Add in this guide to help her capture details of what she sees. The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling is one of the ideal gifts for nature lovers.

Read the reviews about Laws Nature Guide!

#13. Give Her a Gift For a Limitless Life

Let her rejuvenate her spirit. Science tells us of the profound benefits of daily meditation that include strengthening of spirit, focus and concentration, a depth of calm, and a conduit to greater insight + much more. You could give her a subsription to this.

Otherwise, give her a gift of discovery and lifelong support from forming a strong meditation practice. This online program offers step-by-step daily prompts and tutes on how to do this (see it here!). You could also her get a stylish cushion to support her practice.

#14.  Treat Her to a Retreat to Refresh Her Spirit

Let her relax completely and dedicate time to her wellbeing and self-care. There are so many ideas to delve into.

For retreat ideas for women, see A Worldwide Directory of Women’s RetreatsBali Retreat for Women; Goddess Retreats.

Give her a gift of personal renewal and revitalization with a day pass to the Wellness in the Wilderness — held at Beechmont in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland. This is a program that has been professionally developed by a leading positive psychologist, wellness coach and yoga instructor, and nutritionist.

#15. Treat Her to a Month’s Worth of Happiness

How about a month of love messages?

The Glass KindNotes LOVE Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages is a novel gift idea. With 31 love-themed messages, she’ll have a daily kind note from you for a month.

This would make an ideal gift for a long distance love relationship, for just starting out, or for times when circumstances keep you apart.

Check out the price for this unique gift for her!

Something for Book Lovers

Is she a bit of a bookworm. Books are awesome present ideas for her. How about finding a gift for her among Amazon’s books of the month?

Otherwise, here are more ideas on literature gifts for her.

#16.  Inspirational Literature

Give her the luxury of physical books that express her yearning for escapism. Here are some ideas.

A story about freedom. It is a brutal memoir of survival, grief, and redemption – a searing portrayal of life at its lowest ebb and highest tide: Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found.

A story of profound insight, wisdom, and love: Women Who Run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

A staple to feed her female soul. For a woman to know she is more than “I am not enough”, written with a Christian focus. Wild and Free. A Hope-Filled Anthem for the Woman Who Feels She is Both Too Much and Never Enough.

There is just something about physical books over digital text that’s alluring. Books are popular gifts for women who are bookworms or seekers of knowledge or personal growth. A brand spanking new book has ‘hers’ written all over it.

#17. Environmental Literature

Looking for something more environmentally inspiring? If she is someone who likes more in-depth knowledge, she might love these:

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is a classic of the environmental literature of the twentieth century. A female biologist who took on government scientists over DDT and other pesticides that she could see were killing the birds. Hence the name. Get it on Amazon.

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World is written by forester and author Peter Wohlleben who describes his experiences and the research that shows how trees live like humans do in families  — See it on Amazon

Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming, written by Paul Hawken, is a New York Times best seller. It gives details of the proposals to circumvent the impending climate crisis constructed by a collaboration of experts  — See it here.

This Changes Everything – Capitalism vs Climate is written by Naomi Klein who discusses the workings of the environment and the ‘free market’, and explains, from her understanding, the challenges to mitigating the climate crisis — See the latest reviews and price!

Outdoorsy Girl Gift Ideas

Here is a selection that may suit the woman who loves being outdoors.

#18. Unique Gifts for Outdoor Lovers – Outdoor Clothing

outdoor clothing, gifts for the outdoorsy gal, outdoorsy girl gifts
Let her choose some outdoor clothing

Does she love the outdoors? Whether it’s water sports, skiing, or just being outdoors that she’s into, there’s plenty to choose from. The new season and new styles of clothing are always popular for the outdoorsy women.

Cool places to shop for women’s outdoor clothing:

  • UK: Shop Volcom and enjoy Free Standard Delivery on many orders!
  • US and International: Amazon has a great selection of outdoor gifts for women. Check it out here!
  • AU and International: Wilderness Wear has “Outdoor technical clothing created from passion, conscience, and insight for those special people among us who search for quality, purpose, and inspiration!”

See the latest prices on women’s outdoor gear made from wilderness wool!

#19.  Practical Gifts for Her

Gifts for outdoorsy girls can include a backpack made from natural material.

The one shown has plenty of compartments and will work equally good as a hiking backpack, shopping daypack, or work or office rucksack.

This 21L backpack can manage a tablet or laptop up to 14″ in a padded compartment. Comes in black, army green, and khaki.

See the price for this 100% durable canvas backpack!

#20.  More Earthy Unique Gifts for Her

Indulge the woman who loves to feel the earth beneath her feet. Barebottoms shoes are an option. These are a summery boho look for the Earth-loving woman who wants to feel the grass, the sand, and soft earth, and a connection to nature’s energy.

The minimalist Xero sports sandals are another option. They are designed for the trail and so are great for the outdoor gal who enjoys hiking or running. They allow feet to move naturally with minimal build up between the wearer and the ground.

For more designs and information on why barefoot shoes rock, see my article on the nature-inspired minimalist shoes.

These are ideal gift ideas for environmentalists or the nature enthusiasts who like to feel the earth beneath them.

#21.  Classes on the Art of Living Wild

A special one if you are looking for gifts for environmentalists. Examples to choose from: European Living Wild Classes and Immersion Programs; In the US: Wild Abundance Classes; In Australia: Living Wild off the Land; Online: Art of Living Wild Course.

#22.  Help Satisfy Her Desire to Explore the World

It’s in her nature. Gifts for her who loves the free and wild

There are adventure avenues for a woman who loves the wild. Here are some top sources: Best cruises for wildlife and nature lovers; Adventure Chick; Women’s Travel; and Women’s Own Adventure.

Natural Gifts for Her

Looking for all natural gifts for her?

#23.  Give Her a Gift of Natural Skin Nourishment

A woman who is in touch with nature will want personal products that are free of artificial and synthetic ingredients. Twenty8 have a range of chemical free skin products. This is an Australian brand.

See the Twenty8 range of chemical free skincare products

From the makers of Twenty8: “Each product is carefully formulated to balance, replenish and restore the skin as well as enhance the ultimate feeling of self-love with kindness around being your own best friend.

Every time you use Twenty8 you are connecting to the same feelings you would find being in nature. And with that comes a deeper level of self-love and acceptance and a reminder that you are truly beautiful and significant.”

#24.  Get Her Quality Tea to Share with Her Friends

Tea drinking is a tradition shared by many people across the world. The greatness of drinking tea is its health benefits — research tells us that as little as a cup of tea a day may benefit heart health.

There are the benefits of mindfulness in drinking tea. Furthermore, nothing beats sharing a woman’s joys and worries of the day with friends over a cup of tea.

Consider a Tea Tasting Assortment Box with handcrafted pyramid tea infuser bags.

Click here for the latest prices for this tea assortment!

#25.  Treat Her to 100% Pure Natural Oils

In choosing all natural gifts for her, you can’t go pass a selection of 100% pure essential oils, like the ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Top 8 Pack.

The selection includes peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, orange, lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, and frankincense of the highest grade therapeutic oils.

The oils are ideal for skincare or for use in diffusers, vaporizers, or humidifiers, and are paraben free and cruelty-free.

There are many uses and benefits of essential oils that she’ll love.

For one, the aroma helps in calming and centering.

See prices on 100% pure essential oils!.

In Australia? Check out the pure essential oils from Twenty8

These are 6-star, pure, and organic

#26. Organic Gifts for Her and Her Baby

This makes an ideal choice if you are looking for organic gift ideas for the new natural mum. The gift box includes a stainless steel tea infuser ball, a salve for baby’s diaper area and all-purpose salve and lip balms for mom.

The herbal tea leaves are organic, fair trade, and kosher. The selection of licorice root, raspberry leaf, rosemary leaf, and skullcap herbs is known for hormone balancing, mineral density, and soothing properties.

The salve is paraben free.

The packaging is BPA free.

See this organic gift idea!

She’ll love this if she is a new mum who cares about the products she uses on her skin and on her baby.

#27. Does She Like Boho? How About a Macrame Hanger

This is a decor gift for the lady who likes bohemia style. She’ll appreciate something made of natural fiber, and not of plastic if you are thinking of gift ideas for her home decor.

Click here for the latest price and to see more selections of this gift for her!

The simple macrame wall hangings are hugely popular right now. This can be a piece to sit on the wall above the head of her bed or on a wall in the hall over a couch or by a window.  

#28. Does She Like Natural Fragrances in Her Home?

In natural woodgrain, a Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser looks great and will fill her home with aromas of nature.

See the price on this nature inspired gift for her!

She can add her favorite natural oils to add a sense of calm, uplifting energy, or romance to her place.

#29. The Perfect Teapot – Everything Zen

This premium quality blown glass teapot has a stainless steel infuser and custom-fit bamboo coaster. It comes well packaged in a gorgeous Tiffany-like gift box.

It has a two mug-sized cup capacity (27 ounces). The mesh strainer is large, allowing full tea submersion and being removable makes cleaning the pot easy. The wooden base allows the tea to stay hotter for longer.

The glass is heat resistant and microwavable. If you need to, you can simply remove the mesh strainer and place the glass teapot in the microwave to boil the water for the tea.

Other features include a no-drip spout and easy grip handle.

See the latest price of the perfect teapot!

A benefit of a glass teapot is that you can see the tea steeping and know when it’s ready for serving.

#30. Gifts for Tree Lovers (Bonsai Style)

How about a gift box with everything she’ll need to start and grow a Bonsai garden. This gift includes four seeds to grow four beautiful Bonsai trees of Jacaranda mimosifolia, Pinus aristata, Delonix regia, and Picea mariana.

The seeds are 100% organic, open-pollinated and without GMO or additives, and sourced from the best seed companies in the USA.

In the box is everything you need. It contains, seeds of four trees, four peat discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers, and an instruction manual.

See the price of the Bonsai Garden Starter kit!


Growing and tending to bonsai trees has a number of health benefits as it relieves stress and can provide a sense of reward.

A Choice Of Organic Gift Baskets

Choose one of these beautiful organic gift boxes for women. These are some of the most popular organic gifts for women online.

#31. Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soap

These gift sets make great ladies’ birthday gifts. This 4-pc set contains coffee exfoliating soap, purifying charcoal soap, rose oil moisturizing soap, and a wooden soap dish.

Get the best price for this 4-pc natural handmade olive oil soap set!

#32. Organic gift sets of coconut infused skin nourishment

More gifts for organic lovers…

Check out this 8-pc skin nourishment set with shower gel, bubble bath, bath salats, body lotion, body scrub, bath bombs, and more made with pure coconut milk!

This one is beautifully packed and smells incredible! The basket can be used for other means afterward.

These sets make great anniversary, graduation, or birthday gift ideas for women who like wholesome products.

Paraben free and cruelty free.

See the reviews & best price for this coconut infused gift basket for her!

#33. ‘Life Around 2 Angels‘ bath bombs

Handmade birthday gifts for her (wife, girlfriend, mom, daughter, sister)…

This gift set of 12 handcrafted bath bombs will make a great birthday present for her or for any occasion. These are handmade fizzies containing shea and coco butter and flower petals and are moisturizing.

These are crafted with aroma for relaxation!

These are perfect for a relaxing spa bath and are made in California, USA, from natural ingredients.

  • The 12 scents are:
    – Angel
    – Black Raspberry Vanilla
    – Fun in the Shower
    – Fun on the Beach
    – Kiwi & Strawberry
    – Lavender
    – Lemongrass Green Tea
    – Love
    – Mango Papaya
    – Melon Ball
    – Shea & Coconut
    – Victorian Rose
Click here for the latest best price on these handmade bath bombs for her!

#34.Organic handmade soap

The eco-friendly gift set contains four full-size bars of soap suited to even the most sensitive skin. This 100% organic and all natural soap is scented with 100% pure aromatherapy grade essential oils. She won’t know whether to shower with it or eat it…it smells that good! and is that good for you.

The soap comes in a decorated gift box for her. This will pamper her while lifting her spirits.

This set comes gift wrapped in superb packaging. The manufacturer claims no animal testing, no pesticides, no preservatives, and no petroleum byproducts. have been used in the creation of this product.

Click here to see the best price for these essential oil infused soaps for her

#35. Hydrating olive oil skin therapy kit

This Pure Deluxe Spa Gift Basket contains a 7-pc hydrating olive oil skin therapy kit that can be a great gift for a friend on her birthday. The set includes shower gel, body lotion, body spray, bubble bath and a loofah.

Olive oil gives radiant skin and hair and includes vitamin E and polyphenols that help to remove free radicals that can damage skin.

No parabens, no animal testing, and pure olive oil! Delivered! Gift wrapping included.

Click to see the best price for this spa gift basket for her!

The above selection includes gifts for outdoorsy women as well as gifts for nature lovers, or women who just prefer natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. It includes organic gift baskets. I hope you’ve found something to inspire you.

Where Else to Find Nature-Inspired Gift Ideas?

We hope you gleaned some ideas from those special gifts for her. If not…Where else to find unique gifts for friends of the Earth?

She’ll appreciate your unique gift idea.

Tip: Share this article with family and friends as a way of giving them ideas for you or someone close. Hint at the idea # you’d like or suggest what could be there.

We hope you find something among these unique gifts for women.

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