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If you are someone (or know someone) who needs natural and pure vitality, you are in the right place. Here you’ll find ways to boost your mind, body, and soul wholesomely. WTW is about connecting to the needs of the pure you to counter the toxic drain of modern living.


‘Self Wilding’ is a term used here to define a freeing of your inner self to be who it needs to be, to be true. It’s not about remoteness in the wilderness nor any brash idea of wildness. It’s about feeling whole and balanced and connected.


Our Self Wilding series of articles will take you through all you need to know about it, to remedy the effects of stress in modern life using natural approaches to achieve balance and harmony.


Best Foods For Gut Health

If you suffer from bloating, abdominal pain, or reflux and flatulence or even fatigue, inflammation and joint pain, headaches, or skin problems, it could be all to do with the…

Weekly Meal Planning In 3 Steps

Are you one to say ‘cooking stresses me out’? Especially, you don’t want a whole lot of thinking about ‘what should I cook for dinner!’ after a day at the…


Master Your Mind

A critical part of self-wilding is being able to still the mind. Do you find it challenging to rid the noise?
Here’s the simplest path to quiet success:
MASTER YOUR MIND (for beginners)
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Overcoming Fear

Is fear holding you back and stopping you performing to your true potential?
OVERCOMING FEAR is an online training course to help you live with courage and achieve your goals. Click Here To Learn More

Managing Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed too often? Chronic stress is a killer. Here’s a CONSCIOUS STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to beat that and help you excel in a stress-free life. Click Here To Learn More



Welcome to my site, WTW. I’m Mary-Anne, the founder and editor. At WTW, you’ll find a bunch of articles about natural things, DIYs and ways to find balance in today’s demanding world. I believe that having a robust mind, soul, and body in balance with nature, both within and around you, is real freedom. The journey to reach this is what I’ve coined, Self Wilding. Whether you’re into eliminating toxins from your surroundings, personal care, or diet, or into hiking, running barefoot, or other activity to get a nature shot, I hope that you’ll find something that will interest you here. > Learn more about me and WTW


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