nature gifts for her, gifts for earthy women

40+ Ideas of a Gift for Nature Lovers

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the person who loves things natural, wholesome, pure, or raw — whether it’s for their birthday, Valentines, or just to show you care…here’s

tossing phone, what else for social media detox

Be Free. Kick The Social Media Habit

Are you getting frustrated or fatigued with or because of social media? Wanting to reduce it or kick the habit altogether? You’re not alone. Here I cover what works for

lemon balm, which has benefits for anxiety and more

Lemon Balm Benefits & Why I Grow It

My favourite herb ever is Melissa officinalis (lemon balm). It’s the best thing for calming an irritable tummy (and settling nerves), I have found. Here’s what it might do for you

recycling 1

My Anxiety About Throwing Things Away

I’ve learnt – it’s freeing to get rid of stuff…the more stuff you own the more stuff owns you. The more you can move these pieces on, the better you’ll